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The address in relation to the nature disaster in Western Ukraine

Dear brothers and sisters: Greetings in the love of Jesus Christ!

{mosimage}We all know about the flood in the western regions of Ukraine. The disaster caused much damage to people and facilities.

We prayed that the God protected His children in this difficult time. According to the information that we have received in the last few days, in Trans-Carpathian, Ivanо-Frankivsk, Lviv, Ternopil and Vinnitsa regions, most church buildings and believers’ facilities were not affected. 11 houses of our brothers and sisters have been washed away in Novosely area of Chernivtsy region. Thanks God, the ECB church buildings did not suffer substantial loss.

In other areas, the situation is being investigated. We know that the whole areas are disconnected and cut off from transport, and facilities have suffered a significant loss.

We are asking you to support our brothers and sisters in the affected areas with prayer and materially. Each local church can help the victims.

We suggest making target donations in August to help our churches in Western Ukraine. You can send your donations to the Association of ECB churches of the region or to the main office of the ECB Union.

All help will be distributed between churches and families in the affected areas.

“…Your abundance being a supply for their need… that there may be equality”  (2Кор. 8:14).

Executive Committee of the AUC ECB 


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