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Savages: Already or Yet?

Olga Dorofeyeva
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{mosimage}When attending city libraries, I was astonished to see that the classics of Marxism and the theory of evolution are still in high demand. Students write tests, with cap in hand rewriting from textbooks these theories which were long ago done away with, and authors[1]. And they learn by them. What’s the alternative? Credits should be passed? They should, no time for discussion about that. Although few people now will accept the fact that they come from the ape. Now everyone wants to stick closer to church. But again, not everyone will dare admit that he was created by God. Whats more, I heard from the church minister at the church, that pagans are tribes which have not been touched by civilization.

{mosimage}Where did, actually, pagans come from? If they are underdeveloped humans, then we all really come from more primitive beings, those apes, for example, and then the evolution does make sense: man (and world) develops from simple to complicated. But if that is the case, one will have to agree that the Bible is mistaken, for it says that it is God Who created man, according to His image and likeness at that, not by the image of something primitive. Thus there is the visible dissonance between the teachings of the Bible and the theory of evolution. Who should we trust?

As a known fact, Bible began being written 3400 years back аnd was completed 1900 years back. As for the authorship, it states that it was being written by people under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, thus making God Himself its Author. How about the theory of evolution? Here is its story.

About 500 years B.C., Democritus made a guess that “the first people on the earth led animal life….” His apprentice, L. Car made the next step. In his poem with a modest title “On the essence of things,” he pictured his view of the development of the ancient humankind from the state of the wild (mainly, half-apes) tо discovery of fire, clothes, housing. Cars half-apes “were making their discoveries being persecuted by privations” (cited by the textbook of “History of primitive society”). Then, as said, these present animals saw what came out, made conclusions and gradually were coming to abstract thinking (as they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”). To tell the truth, the poet doesn’t point where was it that the apes faced privations, for today’s apes lead a very good life.Car’s revelation reaches its apogee when he, on the basis of his imaginative picture, proposes to divide history into 3 periods: Stone, Copper and Iron.

This idea wasn’t properly appreciated at the beginning and was waiting for its time for 19 сenturies, when finally it was caught up by enlighteners seeking “something” instead of the idea of creation of the world by God. There appeared a good lot of theories and suppositions, the names of the periods themselves clearly pointing to evolution: “savagely, barbarism, civilization” (Fergusson). The problem was with proofs. Тhen, the idea arose about millions of years of evolution. This was not a bad argument, but it had one weak point. The matter is that “The tools of the paleolith period  were not known to archeologists,” says “History of the Primitive Society” textbook not without concealing. “All stone tools stored by the beginning of the 19th century, were related to neolith (5-3th centuries).” But one shrewd French archeologist, B. dе Pеrt, was able to collect roughly nigged stone tools.” To tell the truth, as the same textbook discloses, it is hard to tell them from the stone nigged by the powers of nature. Тhe same scholar, on the basis of his collection, bravely made a theory of their (the tolls) origin from the work of half-people. 

What helped were the famous works by Darwin[2].

{mosimage}For the reader to appreciate the high scientific value of these works, here is a small fragment from the heart of Darwin’s arguments on the evolution of the man. “History of the Primitive Society” (p. 32) reverently cites: “The peculiarity of the physical organization of the man in comparison with the primates lies in the existence of morphological features which were formed due to the female’s choice of the individuals with certain characteristics, which gave them advantage in the process of reproduction, left numerous posterity and thus had the decisive influence on the development of the human race in certain direction.”

Simply speaking, half-apes and half-women chased away shaggy, shortish males with a set of other “charms” (which were similar to them, the apes), leaving them childless, and leaned to the males that did not looked like females. It is hard to believe in such unnatural thing, but Darwin’s elevated scientific style makes one shocked.

When coryphaeus came, in the persons of Еnhels and Marx, the ways back were cut off. These giants, already without any “possible”s, “probably” put stones and other tools into the hands of the apes making them produce working instruments for millions of years.Let’s imagine: the sunrise of the humankindHere and there on the planet, herds of big apes. Every day they strike stone upon stone with bare hands till blood or unknowingly weave ropes of dry herbs with rough fingers, others tinker wooden blocks with sticks, аns still others just look for something to do. Sometimes the flame takes with rubbing, envelopes their hair and skin, but on and on they come back to their dangerous tasks. Moreover, it is done without any primus stove ­– for there isn’t collective consciousness, thisnecessary means of coordinating of the labor efforts of the society members” (Маrx).

Imagine: day after day, year after year, century after century, millennium after millennium, during millions of years, unconsciously, silently, not leaving this insane society. And here comes the reward: after just a couple of million years, one quiet evening, having come back from arduous work and wearily leaning on to a cold wall of the cave, the apes, out of the blue, one by one, feel in their brains the pulsation of  delicate energy – the thought! The first movement of the consciousness! “Purely gregarious consciousness!” severely point out Marx and Еnhels. But in vain – for it’s victory anyway!

Isnt it absurd? Isnt it shameful to believe in? Even if many things in the Bible appear impossible, even if none of us didn’t watch the creation of the sun by God and didn’t see how Christ was risen, it is still easier and more natural to believe in such thing as the evolution theory. In essence, this barbarian fiction and belief in, it in it self, testify about the man run wild. If that God makes the impossible ­– what kind of God should He be otherwise?

Thus the theory that humanity goes through the first period of barbarianism and then forms the civilization, in reality has no grounds. Vice versa, the theory that the humanity is moving towards barbarianism, has more than enough grounds.

Let’s go historical experience. As commonly known, states and civilizations go through periods of formation, рrosperitу and fall. Examples are Egyptian, Shumerian, Вabilonian, Хетське, Persian kingdoms, high culture of Ancient India, Ancient China, highly developed cultures of Western and South-Eastern Africa (for instance, the Kingdom of Моnоmоtаpi), the state of Аzteks (site of  today’s Меxico). Where are they now? They all came to irreversible fall. The appropriateness is in the fact that states are not renewed but get ruined, in total accord with the law of entropy, which states: each system strives for simplification.

The historian Nibur says: “It is impossible to give a single example of a wild nation reaching civilized state.” He is supported by another specialist, Watley: “This is not a theory, but the verification of the fact which so far hasn’t been disproved.”

Let high technologies and increasing of comfort not mislead you. This is the indication of another sort. Among “bums” there are many highly educated people, even with scientific degrees. Their families are left behind somewhere, also the quiet apartments, but they strive for barbarian life. Homeless children give a lot of trouble to missionaries that try to bring them back to normal life, for they, in major part, are not able to overcome the temptations of street freedom.

Let’s be honest. The humanity is heading towards barbarianism. And this is the scenario. Whose? The enemy of humans’ souls, Satan. Don’t you agree? Look around. Today, two hundred years after the triumph of the evolution theory, during which there have been killed thousands of times more people than in the whole history of humanity, the years during which many people in our society unlearned to speak without curse language, when decency became old-fashioned and songs about prison plank beds express the taste of the majority, when it has become normal to overhear talks and betray, when drugs are killing more and more young people and children and the country is leading the world in AIDS cases, when nakedness is covered with more negligence аnd licentiousness has become a real idol  of the mass media, the question arises: If this is progress, what is regress?

The Bible points that the humanity is making its way to crush. Why? For it goes away from the Creator. It is in this direction that the process of man’s degradation and barbarization begins. Here is how it is spoken of in Romans epistle, chapter 1, verse 20: «For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.”  Thus, only those who dont want to know God don’t know Him, that’s why it is written that “they have no excuse.” As it goes further, “Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves (verse 24). In particular, it speaks on homosexuality and other sins. Thus God doesn’t punish man, but just lets him go, with no restraining, and he simply plunges into the marsh of sin which he starved for.

God insistently shows responsibility of each man before Him. Such excuses as “what responsibility can be taken of me, a former ape?” or “Please take into consideration my existence which appointed my consciousness!” don’t justify the disobedience to God.

The biblical wise man Solomon said, “Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions” (Ec.7:29). God didn’t make barbarians. Conversely, first people were highly intellectual. Аdаm named all animals. His son Cain went and built a city. No one was running naked (as today’s fashion craves for). It was the other way round, the nakedness being  thoroughly covered, as history testifies, when Shem and Japheth, Noah’s sons, having heard from Ham that their father uncovered himself when sleeping, went and turned their backs not to see the shame of their father, covering him with clothes (Genesis 9:21-29). Тhоse were the only people after the Flood on the planet. Hereafter the savages came from civilized people, not vice versa.

{mosimage}Look at children: their eyes are clear, wide-open, their hearts are trusting, with no deceit. Only with the time being, there shows up the nature marred by sin, the charming children’s features disappear, the soul filled with fear becomes aware of another world, not the one it was created for. And it starts looking for the paradise lost

It is impossible to deny that humanity is a cut-off branch which fades and dries off. That’s why Christ said, “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned” (Jn.15:5,6). The only saving opportunity to overcome the inertia of going wild and the imminent death is to receive Christ. A reckless step in the eyes of the reckless world. But it is worth making, for you were created for eternal bliss, for life in harmony and breath-taking beautyYour destiny is in the brightness of the glory of God Himselfyour calling is to share in the fellowship with the most beautiful God’s being – the Christ.

Don’t agree for the less! Be worth of the Calling! 

[1] [1] Майбурд Е. М. Введение в историю экономической мысли. От пророков до профессоров. – 2-е изд., испр. и доп. – М.: Дело, 2000. – 560 с. 

[2] «Происхождение видов…» (1859) и более откровенный – «Происхождение человека…» (1871). 

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