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Orphan adaptation into family: what’s most important?

Certainly, we as the children of God are guided by mercy living in our heart. Thus we can grow a lamb for the Kingdom of God, but raising a Christian is not an easy task. And, taking the opportunity, I would like to call everyone who feels an appeal to such business, to not quench this desire, because God’s Word calls us to it:  “Who receives one such child in My name receives Me” … And when this word of God does not give you rest, you obey this voice and carry out God’s order.

These children are God’s because the Lord said, “I am the Father of orphans.” Bringing up His children is a great honor.

I always understand that it is children whom God has entrusted into my hands. I feel responsibility before God on how I am going to bring them up. And my only desire is to raise them in such way that I could later tell the Lord: here is my work which I did in Your name that You might be glorified.

What does it mean to accept a child into the house? It means not only to agree that he will live in your house, to sleep in your bed – he will constantly be in your heart, in your ideas.

Does one need a lot of money to bring up a foster child? It is not a lot of money, yet one needs a certain minimum. At the same time we Christians should target children not at reception of material welfare, and at learning to thank God that they have everything necessary for every day.

In our time children, growing up, strive to somehow be fixed in this life, open their own business, buy an expensive car, sidelining the service to the Lord. Bringing up an orphan, we, adoptive parents, should do our best to impart them this desire to devote themselves to the service to the Lord. And then, whatever happens to us parents, our adopted children will be under God’s guidance, in reliable Fatherly hands.

At last, I would like to make a suggestion. Each family with foster children usually has many problems with their upbringing. Therefore it would be quite good to share the experience in upbringing of foster children. It will be beneficial and will help us with putting this God’s business into action. At the beginning, we might use the Forum of our site for this purpose.

Published on 06.02.2009

Translated by Anna Sedova

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